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In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to create a custom registration page for your members. Coming up.

Hello, my name is Mak, and in today’s video, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create a custom registration page for your members. All right. So let’s dive in here and let me show you where to create this. So, first of all, I would like to show you how you do it normally just by using a quick URL. So I’m going to come over here to WishList Member, click on “Setup”. Now, for this to work, you have to create a Membership Level first.

So you have to create a Membership Level first. So I’ve gone ahead and created three Membership Level, but of course you can only use one if you wanted do so. I have Gold, Silver and VIP membership. So I just want to show you quickly by going in here to see the settings for our Membership Level. So I’m going to click here on Membership Level. So what WishList Member does is it allows us to go in into each and every Membership Level and make some changes in that particular level.

So here you can see we have r”Registrations” we have “Requirements,” “Additional settings,” “Email notifications” and “Actions.” Now, so these only apply to this Membership Level. So you can see here, this is called Membership Level. So usually what I would normally do is I’ll just come over here and use this simple registration URL. So let’s go to this URL. Let me show you what I mean and why you may need to create a custom registration one. So I’m going to paste this and go to this page.

All right. So you can see here, this is our registration page, but you’re going to notice that we can’t really do much in here. We can’t go in and make any customizations to this page. And if you take a look at the URL here, this is a URL that is generated by WishList Member. So what we want to do is to create our own registration page, which has graphics or any other items that we may need to add on to the page.

All right. So I’m going to leave this open here and let me show you something quickly. I use the Divi builder, but of course, WishList Member also works with other builders. So if I click “Enable Visual Builder” here, this does not allow us to go into that page to make any changes to it. All right. So now we’re going to come back over here. So the best thing to do now is to create a page for our registration.

So I’m going to come over here to “Pages.” In fact, I’m going to open this in a new tab. OK, so over here now we are on our pages. I’m going to create a brand new one and I’m going to call this page Gold Membership Registration. OK, so I’m going to call this gold registration. So here’s the thing now. So you don’t want to go directly into the Divi builder. So first of all, you want to go into the default editor because we need to get the shortcode first for this registration page.

So right now, I mean, the Gutenberg editor. So what you want to do is to add a classic editor. So click here on this plus button and you want to search for “classic.” And there we go. We have the classic editor now. So what you do now with this classic editor is you want to click anywhere in here and you’re going to notice now that we have WishList Member here, this is where you click on this little dropdown and then you go to Shortcodes.

And then you can come over here to registration forms, which is exactly what we want. So you click on that and now we are able to choose whichever Membership Level that we want. So if you click here on this dropdown, it also shows the Membership Level that we created earlier on. And this is why I was saying it’s very important to create your Membership Level first before you create the registration page. OK, so now what we’re going to do since my gold membership here is selected, all I have to do now is to copy this shortcode like that and then I’m going to close out of this and then I don’t need this anymore.

So I can either delete it by coming over here to remove block and then now I can use the Divi builder. OK. So now I can click on “Edit with Divi Builder” so you can either choose from a premade layout or you can build from scratch something to click here on “Start Building.” So over here we’re just going to add our columns. So I’m going to start off with my columns and I’m going to add two columns, two equal columns side by side.

And then over here now I can then add my shortcode, which I can add by either using the text module or you can use the code module. OK, so now that I have this over here, I’m just going to snap this over to the left so that I can see that I have enough space here. OK, so now I’m going to get rid of all this text and paste my shortcodes like that. So now we have our shortcode, which is specific for our gold membership.

And also if you take a look here, it says gold membership. Now that I have this all set, all I have to do now is to come over here and I can add an image in here. I can do all sorts of things. OK, so let’s add an image in this column here. So I’m going to click here and find an image to add. So let’s say this is a membership website to do with cooking or baking.

In this case, let’s choose this image here. I’m going to upload the image. There we go. Now we have our image, I want to save that and if we want to add even more sections, we can add more sections. And if you want to add a description of this membership, you can always add that by adding all your modules. So let’s say here we add a text module just to let people know what this membership is about so we can come over here and say, OK, so this says “Enroll for Gold Membership.”

So let’s set this to “Heading 2,” save that. And then we can just drag this to the top. There we go. So now we’ve quickly gone in and created our custom registration page, you can also add some padding here if you need to. Now, I’m just doing this quickly, but of course, you can design this page however you want. The idea here now is we have the full capacity of the builder. So this can also be done in other page builders, by the way.

The most important thing here is the shortcode. All right. So now that I have this all set, I’m just going to save my page. And the next I’m going to click on “Exit Visual Builder.” OK, so there we go. We have our registration page now. So what we can also do here is to further customize this because we can’t go in and make customizations to this shortcode. If we need to make any changes, we have to come back over here.

So, for example, let’s say you want to make this form only for new members. You can just come over here and say where it says “For both new and existing members,” you can just click on this dropdown and say “New members only” and then save this. Now, if I come back over here and refresh, you’re going to notice that existing account here does not show anymore because this now is only for new members. There we go. So, as you can see, it’s very easy to create your own custom registration pages.

You can go ahead and style this using CSS and also you can make this page as amazing as you want it to be. You can embed videos, you can embed pretty much anything that you want to add on this page. So this is a quick tip to show you how to add or create any pages for your members to register on. So that’s all I have for you in today’s video. Thank you very much for watching. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and, don’t forget to subscribe and bell notification.

By doing so, you’ll be notified when we release new videos. Until next time, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

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