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Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about WishList Member

Are there any ongoing fees for WishList Member™?

Answer: No. WishList Member™ (the software) is a one-time purchase. You’ll also receive ongoing support at no extra cost. However, if you would like unlimited updates after the initial year from your purchase date, there is a $47/year charge. But if you don’t want updates after the initial year, there are absolutely no ongoing fees.

Is WishList Member™ compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

Answer: Absolutely. WishList Member™ is thoroughly tested to ensure it functions with the latest version of WordPress. Any adjustments or new features within WordPress that may affect WishList Member™ are addressed as quickly as possible upon the release of a new version of WordPress. Heck, we actually run our own membership sites using WishList Member™ so it’s in our best interest to make sure it’s up to date ;)

What are the optimal server settings and requirements?

Answer: The latest versions of WishList Member™ require that PHP 5.2 be installed on the server as well as WordPress 3.0+. We also recommend as much as possible to avoid cheap “shared hosting” environments as they can prove to be an issue once you start getting a large number of members in your site (500+).

What is the difference between a Single Site and a Multi-Site License?

Answer: A Single Site License can be installed in one location. A Multi-Site License can be installed on as many (unlimited) personal URLs that the license owner wants.The Multi-Site License also comes with additional Bonuses such as 2 themes, an icon set and more.

I'm a designer/developer, do you have a commercial license?

Answer: We do offer Commercial License packages. They are sold in either 5 or 10 license blocks. This means the purchaser would have 5 or 10 separate license keys. This way when a license is sold, each of YOUR clients can have their own license key registered to their domain. They are sold as follows: 5 Site Commercial License = $300 10 Site Commercial License = $500

How many membership levels can I have with WishList Member™?

Answer: Unlimited. WishList Member™ was created to be as flexible as possible, so there are no limits in terms of the number of Membership Levels that can be created.

Can I easily import/export my members?

Answer: Yes. Members can both be imported and exported using WishList Member™. A .csv template is provided to you for importing members from another system and if you wish to export your members, you can export them all at once or by membership level using the WishList Member™ export feature.

What payment processors or shopping carts can be integrated with WishList Member™?

Answer: WishList Member™ currently integrates FULLY with:PayPal, 1Shopping Cart, ClickBank, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, QuickPayPro, and Red Oak Cart. There is also a “Generic” option that allows for a FULL integration to be set up with additional payment options. WishList Member™ also offers SIMPLE integration options that will work with ALL payment providers. However, with SIMPLE integration, if a user cancels payment or doesn’t pay for some reason, the site admin will have to manually cancel the member within WishList Member™. With FULL integration, the cancelation process is handled automatically by WishList Member™. That means if someone cancels, they are automatically blocked from accessing your site (and there are options to determine when to cancel them etc.).

What AutoResponders can be integrated with WishList Member™?

Answer: WishList Member™ currently integrates with: Aweber, MailChimp, Autoresponse Plus, Interspire Email Marketing, and GetResponse. There is also a “Generic” option that allows for an integration to be set up with additional AutoResponder options.

Is it possible to drip content to Members?

Answer: Yes. You can accomplish this by setting up a membership level for each area of your site you want to move people to. Then after a set period of time you can move people from one level to another automatically using the “Sequential Upgrade” features built into WishList Member™. With this method, the member can only access the content within the Membership Level they currently have access to and will gain access to the upcoming content once they are upgraded to the next Membership Level.

Is there a way to confirm each new member before granting access?

Answer: Yes. A registration can set so that the site admin must approve a registration BEFORE they gain access to content. A registration can also be set so that an email is automatically sent to the user requiring them to confirm their registration BEFORE they gain access to protected content. Both of these scenarios are optional.

Does WishList Member™ have an API?

Answer: Yes. WishList Member™ includes a growing and advanced API which can be used to allow access to portions of the code. The WishList Member™ API documentation can be found using this link:

Does WishList Member™ integrate with an Affiliate Program?

Answer: Yes. Systems like Clickbank and can be used to successfully manage affiliates so it is possible to setup a membership site using WishList Member™ and have an affiliate program at the same time. In addition, WishList Member™ also has an integration with iDev Affiliate tracking software. This integration is provided as a free bonus for all customers and it’s located in the “Add On” section of the Customer Center.

Does WishList Member™ have an Affiliate Program I can join?

Answer: Yes. There is an affiliate program for WishList Products.You can Learn More and sign up for it at:

Can I upgrade from a Single Site license to a Multi-Site license?

Answer: A Single Site license can be upgraded to a Multi-Site license for a cost of $200 (the difference between the Single Site license and the Multi-Site License price). Contact our Support Desk for more info:

How do I contact support if I have further questions?

Answer: Our dedicated full-time support team can be reached directly by going to: If you have questions about WishList Member™ that aren’t listed here, please submit a ticket to us and we’ll be happy to help.

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